Here are two blog-style pieces I wrote during my recent internship. One has already been published on their website, and the other is scheduled for posting soon. These experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about writing for different audiences.

I've had the opportunity to design multiple print advertising pieces for Anderson Aquatics, such as business cards. You can view the business cards here, and I'll be adding the rack cards shortly for you to see. This experience has been enjoyable and I believe it showcases my creativity effectively.

Here are some social media posts I contributed to Olami's Instagram account, Daily Smooze. Over the past year, we've seen remarkable growth, going from just 1000 followers to an impressive 11.9k. You can also delve deeper into the campaign and learn more about our strategies and successes by visiting the link provided.

This is a Brand Style Guide (BSG) I created during the first part of my capstone course for the Multimedia Writing Minor in my senior year of college. I believe this BSG accurately represents my style and capabilities.

In my Magazine Writing course at UCSB, I crafted a review-style piece focusing on a specific Justin Bieber song collaboration with Don Toliver. It's an exploration of their musical synergy and the impact of their collaboration on the music scene.

In my Magazine Writing course at UCSB, I delved into a profile piece centered around my former housemate, Chloe. The article detailed her journey in the world of ballet, shedding light on both her accomplishments and the hidden stigmas she faced along the way.

In my Humanities Roots of Hell course at Diablo Valley College, I dived into the topic of vision literature and its use as a scare tactic, focusing specifically on "The Vision of Tundale." My thesis explored the ways in which this medieval text employed vivid imagery and allegorical elements to evoke fear and convey moral lessons to its audience.

During my Global Writing course at UCSB, I collaborated with teammates on an NGO report addressing the intricate problems of Mica Mining, emphasizing the need for significant changes to alleviate its devastating effects.

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