Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide


In my Multimedia Writing Minor, we embark on a journey through two capstone courses during our senior year of college. The first capstone course delves deep into design aspects, where we immerse ourselves in the world of Adobe Suite and various applications. One of the highlights of this course was creating our own Personal Brand Style Guide (BSG), a visual representation of our work and a reflection of our unique identities. I'm thrilled to share my personal BSG, which embodies a carefree and natural essence, mirroring not just my personality but also the vibrant community of Isla Vista, my college town. It's a blend of creativity, authenticity, and a touch of local charm. This project has ignited a passion for visual storytelling and design in me, and I can't wait to explore more projects like this, where I can continue to express myself creatively and share my unique perspective with the world.

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