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Hello, I'm Hope Hoffmeister, a versatile professional with a diverse background in Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, and Event services. As a fourth-year student at UC Santa Barbara, majoring in Communication with an emphasis on Professional Writing and Multimedia, I've earned academic honors and actively participate in the Excursion Club.

I bring a well-rounded skill set to the table, excelling in both collaborative team environments and when working independently. My professional interests span marketing, event planning, news anchoring, and Human Resources. Recently, I've gained valuable experience through an internship with Anderson Aquatics, contributing to print advertising and creating a new marketing strategy as well as implementing it.


Some of my work experience.

Here are some of my most recent roles I've had this past year that have improved my Communication, Teamwork, and Media skills. Click on the arrows to read more!

Marketing Internship

During my time at Anderson Aquatics, I played a vital role in helping the small business grow through various marketing efforts. I worked on both digital and print advertising campaigns to increase the business's visibility and attract new customers. Additionally, I contributed to planning weekly blog posts and social media content, which helped maintain an active online presence. One of my significant contributions was developing a new marketing strategy tailored to a specific target audience and implementing it. Furthermore, I designed print materials for distribution to healthcare professionals and the general public, which further promoted Anderson Aquatics' services.

Social Media Internship

During my experience with the Jewish organization, Olami, I worked closely with a diverse cohort of interns from universities nationwide. We convened twice weekly in both small and larger group settings, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas. Together, we brainstormed, developed, and strategically promoted mixed-media content in alignment with a predefined content calendar, focusing primarily on Instagram, TikTok posts, and reels. Our collective efforts aimed to amplify awareness of Olami's brand, values, and offerings while also addressing the pressing issue of antisemitism through heightened awareness and proactive ideation. Through this collaborative approach, we sought to make meaningful contributions to combatting antisemitism and advancing the organization's mission.

Office Assistant

During my role as an office assistant at the media center within UCSB's Associated Students department, I demonstrated strong communication skills by efficiently handling incoming phone calls and directing them appropriately. Operating the front desk, I managed incoming traffic and provided guidance to students as needed, ensuring smooth and organized operations within the media center. My responsibilities encompassed facilitating the flow of information and assisting visitors with their inquiries, contributing to a welcoming and helpful environment for all students interacting with the office.

Recent Work

Latest samples of work.

I recently created some print advertisements for Anderson Aquatics using Canva! This was a very eye opening experience. Click for more.

I created this BSG in my Multimedia Writing Minor course Winter quarter of senior year of college. This is a curation of all things Hope and resembles a little bit of who I am.

In my time at Anderson Aquatics I got to contribute a bit to their online blog on their website. Here are a couple of pieces of work!

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Feel free to reach out to me to discuss potential collaborations, opportunities, or simply to connect. I look forward to hearing from you and engaging in meaningful dialogue.

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